A pictorial history of Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings at Synergy Yoga

Teacher Trainings

The Original Synergy Yoga® International Teaching Training

The Synergy Yoga Center offers yoga teacher training certification in original Synergy Yoga®. The standards for our teachers are very high and are in harmony with the Yoga Alliance standards. Since 1992, founder Peri Ness DeFay has certified hundreds of Synergy Yoga teachers creating a global network of Synergy Yoga. Three levels of certifications are offered. Synergy Yoga trainings have been offered for sixteen years and have been taught to hundreds of people throughout the world.

Synergy Yoga® is a holistic system of Hatha Yoga based on scientific and medical research. It exercises the entire body and facilitates mental and physical healing through conscious awareness and release of blocked energy and emotion. Synergy Yoga strengthens the internal energy currents and prepares the body and mind for higher aspects of yoga.

Open your own yoga studio or teach at an existing studio.The Original Synergy Yoga® Teacher Training program is designed to produce the world’s best Yoga teachers, preparing you to open your own Yoga studio or teach at an existing studio. The Synergy Yoga Center staff and Mentor Teachers are available to answer your questions after certification, including questions on the flow, how to support students with special injuries or advice on financial models for your own business. The Synergy Yoga Center also has a line of products to support your yoga business including video and audio CDs, charts and books. These are sold to certified teachers at a discount so that you may resale them to your students.

What is Covered in the Training:

– Practice and Techniques of Meditation
– Origins of Yoga
– Yoga Philosophy
– Purpose of Yoga
– Purpose of each Asana
– Benefit of each Asana
– Asana Practice
– Hands-on Corrections
– Jyotish Astrology as it relates to Yoga
– Science of Ayurveda as it relates to Yoga
– Anatomy and Physiology
– Nutrition and Medicine
– Emotional Processing through Asana
– Relaxation
– Teaching Methodology

Six-Month Practicum Program

The Six-Month Practicum is designed for students to build a deep, strong foundation for becoming a powerful yoga teacher. Completion of this training provides students the ability to teach Synergy Yoga with confidence and love.

A structured set of six monthly home assignments will help deepen your understanding of the material received in your training. Customized Yoga Study Weekends and Midterm/Finals held at the Point Arena Studio are designed to help deepen your teaching and receive feedback. Yoga classes, meditations, posture clinics and meetings with yoga mentors are part of the special retreat. During the home study portion, you will develop a stronger connection to the posture flow through regular practice, learn the philosophy of yoga, and start to build teaching skills. You will receive feedback on each monthly assignment from a senior/mentor teacher at the Synergy Yoga Center.

The Six-Month Practicum includes:
– Synergy Yoga Teacher Training Manual
– Monthly readings
– Homework assignments with feedback given from a Synergy Yoga Mentor Teacher
– Regular practice of yoga and meditation
– Learning and teaching both the Original Synergy Yoga and Gentle posture flows
– Teaching and feedback from a Synergy Yoga Mentor Teacher

The Yoga Study Weekends – Mid Term/Finals

These weekend workshops are designed to improve your teaching skills. The workshops include:
– Practice teaching
– Constructive feedback from founder Peri Ness DeFay and other Synergy Yoga Mentor Teachers
– Learning to give and receive hands-on corrections
– Posture clinics
– Teaching the Synergy Flow to elderly or disabled students in a chair
– Teaching the Synergy Flow to pregnant students
– Lectures on how to open your own business
– The Practicum program also includes a final evaluation from founder, Peri Ness DeFay, or another senior teacher.

After graduation teachers are encouraged to come back to the Synergy Yoga Center to participate in any workshops and retreats, Practicum Midterm/Final or Posture Clinic to receive further ongoing education certificates. Our ongoing education program helps ensure you remain among the best trained yoga teachers anywhere. The Synergy Yoga Center is committed to supporting its Practicum Students and Certified Teachers by answering questions via email or phone.


Certification requires completion of the six-month Practicum. A yoga teaching certificate will be awarded following completion of Practicum program and final teaching evaluation by Peri and/or Charles and a senior teacher. Ongoing education required to maintain certificate.

Synergy Yoga offers certification at three levels. The standards for our teachers are very high and exceed the Yoga Alliance’s standards.

Level 1 — Standard

Hours: 500
Six-Month Practicum
Pass Final Evaluation
Posture Clinic, Synergy Yoga Workshop

Level 2 — Apprenticeship

Hours: 1000 (500 additional hours to Level 1)
Requires Completion of Level 1 : Standard Certification
Intern Apprenticeship Program at the Synergy Yoga Center
Pass Final Evaluation
Available to non-local and international students by special permission and arrangement

Level 3 — Advanced

Hours: 3000
Requires Completion of Level 2 : Intermediate Certification
Internship Program at the Synergy Yoga Center
Pass Final Evaluation

Cost & Signup

Sign up for the Original Synergy Teacher Training Home Study Course PLUS 6 Month Practicum, Mid-Term and Final Evaluation all for only $2,800. Teacher Training is an ongoing process at the Synergy Yoga Center – you may sign up immediately and in 180 days you can become a certified Synergy Yoga® Teacher with the highest level of instruction available.


Become a Yoga Teacher
The Greatest Profession on the planet! Congratulations!

Synergy Yoga Teacher Training Home Study Course plus 6 Month Practicum, Mid-Term and Final Evaluation


You are embarking on a beautiful transforming journey…



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One-on-One Classes with a Mentor Teacher

Synergy Yoga Mentor Teachers are available (extra fee applies) for one-on-one classes. These sessions can be used to deepen your personal practice or your teaching. These classes can allow you to receive individualized feedback on your:

– Dialogue
– Verbal and hands-on corrections
– Timing
– Overall readiness as a teacher and to pass final evaluation