About Synergy


Classes at the Synergy Yoga Center feature Original Synergy Yoga®, a systematic approach to Hatha yoga suitable for all levels of ability from beginning to advanced. This scientifically developed series of postures has been carefully selected from the thousands of existing yoga asanas to thoroughly and safely work every part of the body.

During each session the muscles are stretched in a naturally progressive sequence, with all major organs and systems of the body stimulated and strengthened. The comprehensive 90-minute classes are designed to be relaxing, refreshing and therapeutic. Following a traditional East Indian practice, the studio is heated to near body temperature, facilitating improved flexibility and a deeper stretch, as well as promoting a gradual detoxification of the tissues. To assist in cleansing the respiratory system, essential oils are dispensed into the already highly purified air of the studio. The overall effect of this therapeutic environment is both rejuvenating and calming.

Guidelines & Information

  • To receive maximum benefit, yoga should be practiced daily or on a regular basis with no long lapses between practices. A minimum of three times per week is recommended.
  • The room is heated for Synergy Original classes. The heat promotes flexibility and allows an optimum stretch for the muscles. It also facilitates deep detoxification and safety in practice.
  • The room is not heated for Gentle and Intermediate class.
  • Clothing should be non-restrictive and suitable for exercise.
  • Please do not wear perfume, cologne, or other strong scents to class.
  • Do not eat heavily before class. Wait at least two hours after a full meal before practicing yoga. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. This is much better than drinking water just before or during class.
  • Our classes start promptly. It is important that you arrive on time not only for your own benefit but also as a courtesy to your fellow students. Late students may NOT enter during the seated prayer and alternate nostril breathing. Please let the staff person behind the desk escort you in, or wait to be waved in by the instructor.
  • If there is a class in progress, please wait quietly outside for it to finish before entering.
  • A large towel is necessary for class. Please bring one. If you forget, a towel will be provided. (Available for a $2.00 rental fee.) If you find that you sweat heavily during class, please bring two towels.
  • For the heated classes, a mat is needed. Please purchase one for your practice. (Available for a $2.00 rental fee.)
  • You are expected to remain for the entire class, so as not to disrupt the class energy and meditation.
  • Please let the instructor know if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or have any injuries or problems that may affect your yoga practice.
  • Women should avoid practicing the bow-pulling posture on the floor, shoulder stand, and kapalabhati during the first few days of menstruation.
  • Feel free to discuss with the instructor, before or after class, any concerns about pain, discomfort, problems, feelings, suggestions, etc. In an emergency, the teacher is available. Remember: always honor your limit; learn where your edge is.
  • The Synergy Yoga Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We hold items for two months then we donate them to charity. Please take your towels and other belongings home with you each day.
  • Pre-paid class plans are NOT valid past expiration date.
  • Second class on the same day is complimentary.
  • It is customary to repeat “Namaste” after the teacher, at the end of class.
  • Our chant is “Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.” “Om” is the original sound of creation. “Shanti” means peace, and “Namaste” translates as “I bow to the light within you.”
  • At the end of class, make an effort to stay and meditate for five minutes to absorb the vibrations before getting up.
  • Synergy Yoga honors the Eightfold Path of Patanjali: Yama (moral conduct); Niyama (positive moral qualities); Asana (right posture); pranayama (life-force control); pratyahara (interiorization); Dharana (concentration); Dhyana (meditation); Samadhi (Bliss/God consciousness).

Please be kind to yourself in this practice. Yoga is a process of personal growth and requires attention, care, and patience. Do not hurry yourself. Allow time for changes to occur gradually. There is no competition in yoga, not even with yourself, honor your edge and not beyond. Let us know if there is any way we may further support you. Namaste.

There is nothing left out in this flow. You work 100% and if you are practicing correctly from your Hara (your core), you are building strength as well as flexibility. You will find your mind is sharper and your body is stronger. And attend every Synergy Yoga Posture Clinic that you can. It is an amazing and life changing experience.

If you are ready for a practice “a sadhana”, you will be drawn to a flow that is designed for you to practice until you are 108! Such as Synergy Yoga. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect pose. The perfection is your attitude in your daily practice.

The Gentle Flow, Original Flow, Advanced Flow, 20-Min Flow, Pre-Natal, Power Hour, Intermediate Flow, The Chair Flow, The Kid’s Flow… whatever you practice, a little bit every day is our way! 

Why do we practice the same postures everyday?

So many students ask us this question and when we explain it they understand it fully. Synergy Yoga posture flows – Our intention is optimum health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There are those that still want to try different postures. There comes a time, if one is fortunate enough to have a sadhana (daily yoga practice), when you practice Hatha Yoga to create energy in your whole body not to perfect a pose or focus on a few poses. Synergy is holistic and is practiced as if we are cleaning our teeth or bathing. The beauty of doing the same flow everyday is that it is a wonderful way to guage your progress and the state of your mind and body. The postures are the same but the process is very different everyday. Your thoughts and attitude are what make it different. You can monitor yourself and it is an amazing life tool as well as a benefit to body and mind.

You will not find forward bend or back bend workshops for instance at Synergy Yoga. We do not practice the postures to become “excellent” at them. Yoga is not a performing art. . Although back bends are healing to the organs and the spine and have incredible health benefits, our philosophy is to practice a little bit everyday to boost the entire energy systems and allow the body to become stronger and more flexible as time goes on. We go through many changes in life and face different physical and mental challenges. As the years go by the yoga becomes an invaluable tool to know what to focus on for your healing. Repetition of the poses, is what allows us to become masters of our own breath and energy as we can see, feel and know where we are holding energy and how to release it. It is direct feedback on our state in the present moment. The repeated process of forward and backbends in your daily practice will enable you to develop at a natural rate. Your forward bends and backbends will be inevitably magnificent. The science of yoga is based on daily practice.

Giving the same amount of time to all the other postures maintains balance physically and on all levels. Synergy Yoga gives thorough directions for proper execution and safety of all the postures. Remember, if you are injured or have limitations, practicing foundation of each posture, you receive all the benefits and achieve exponential healing. Do not stop your yoga practice if you are injured. Simply honor your edge and practice the foundation of the pose. Keep the energy moving.

Instead of going to the gym and working on a specific muscle, you are actually working all of your muscles, organs and systems which result in the most optimum health you can achieve living in this world.

Original Synergy Yoga ®Teacher Training

Our teacher training has world wide recognition with the highest standards and pure intentions to convey authentic hatha yoga with expertise, confidence & love. Six months home study and advanced teacher training with clinics at our headquarters in Point Arena, CA.

The Synergy Yoga Teacher Training provides hatha yoga instruction in a supportive, spiritual and loving atmosphere conducive to in-depth learning and understanding. This Home Study course is for yoga students of ALL LEVELS. In addition to training teachers, the program will also greatly strengthen the yoga practice of students who intend to focus exclusively on deepening their practice and experience transformation through living the yogic path.